Why ADHD in the classroom?

When I was looking into inquiry projects I struggled to think of a topic that would further my learning. I obviously thought of a million topics I could do, however I wanted something that connected to my immediate learning I was doing this year. When having a conversation with a classmate the topic of a boy with ADHD in my practicum class was brought up. That is when she suggested I inquire further into this topic.

I never thought ADHD within the classroom would be hard to manage, I quickly found out I was quite naive… This practicum has been a wake up call to the lack of resources available for students with ADHD and I plan to research to find resources, tactics, and tips to helping these students succeed to their full potential within a classroom.

Throughout the next few months I will be talking to my immediate practicum contacts L.S., E.B, and E.J. to see direct resources in the Nanaimo, Ladysmith school district in order to help my student as much as possible. I will also be researching tactics online and hopefully creating a plan with this student to help his learning.


One thought on “Why ADHD in the classroom?

  1. This is an awesome inquiry and you have found some great resources! It’s visible that you have learned and continue learning more and more about ADHD, how it shapes your classroom dynamic and how we as professional educators can do our best to manage our unique situations. I can see your inner struggle in trying to understand Tom’s situation, and it is evident how much you care for Tom’s well-being. It’s always tough to think of whether a student’s change is for better or worse, and I think it’s even harder when we are limited in knowing how the change is working out for them AFTER the change! Thank you for sharing Jess!

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