Resources for Tom
Today I visited this website and found it very helpful for tips and tricks to help my teaching with Tom. Below will be a few of their tips I think will be helpful with Tom.

Alternate physical and mental activities: I believe this will be a very affective tool to use with Tom because he struggles to keep still throughout a lesson. I think that this will allow him to change his train of thought and re focus himself. Brain breaks will be something I will look into for my class.

Get in a habit of pausing 10 to 16 seconds before answering:I think this is very important to do within the classroom. I need to work on this more because I do not always pause when answering a question. By giving Tom that extra time to think might allow him to contribute to the conversation.

Do not confront lying by making children admit they have been untruthful:I found this one very interesting because I have previous been taught to discuss lying/ fibbing with students when it does come up. I will be looking into this tip further because Tom has a habit of lying and or putting words into peoples’ mouths.

Overall this resource I think will be very helpful in my journey teaching Tom. I am enjoying my time learning beside Tom and look forward to trying this tips and tricks with him in my next practicum.


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